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Quietude Health llc.

Our Mission


Community Based Compassionate Care

 Quietude Health is an independent health care organization, that is committed to improving the "Health and quality of life" status throughout the communities we serve by providing:

  • Leadership and excellence in delivering quality health care services.
  • Expanding the horizons of medical knowledge through research and community outreach. 
  • Educating and training our patients and other connected members of the community about the benefits of alternative medicine  combined with healthy diet choices and exercise.
  • Enhancing access to alternative medical care for those who lives have been severely impacted by chronic pain or illness.

Quality patient care is our priority.  Providing excellent service, offering compassionate care, and supporting research and medical education are essential to our mission.  This mission is founded in the ethical and cultural precepts of the Compassionate Health Care tradition, which inspire devotion to the art and science of healing and to the level of service we provide for our patients.


Educating the Community

Our goal is to inform and educate patients on alternative natural treatments for a variety of conditions.

Our staff is passionate about the benefits of alternative health care and have been educated on the effectiveness of alternative medicine.  Contact us today to find out if you could qualify for treatment.


Caring for our communities

As a independent health care provider, Quietude Health llc. in Oakland takes seriously our responsibility to provide access to the services, expertise and information needed by our communities.

Our commitment to improving the health of our region extends beyond normal patient care. Whether through in home physical training clinics, health education, charity care, our mobile medicinal program or other means of outreach, we're committed to caring for the people of our region and beyond. 

We are a pioneer in health care service and in contributing to dialogue around health care reform. We provide access to information for our community and for our industry about everything from economic challenges to how to handle changing care needs. We host study groups on healthcare issues and connect with thought leaders to stay informed of ever evolving information.

Health care impacts everyone, and it is our responsibility to lead the healthcare discussion in our community. It’s a responsibility we take seriously.


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Quietude Health llc

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Quietude Health llc.


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